The world is indeed a complicated place where you meet people in your life.  Although, we have a few chances to meet the real ones –  the ones who would stay with us when the rest of the world walked out, who would stab us in the front and who would walk with us instead of riding in a cab.

Friendship is a special kind of love; it may not be a big thing, but it is indeed a million little things we need to treasure for the rest of our lives, aside from having real friends whom we can count on during our struggles in life.

Telling your friends you love them may seem intimidating or even goofy but, it is one of the most important things you can do for your friendship.  Everyone wants to know they make a difference  to someone else


There are so many ways to show your friends you really care and love them, and you haven’t forgotten them rather you still have their back.  You are in this position and you still confuse about how to go about it.


Ways  To  Show Your  Friends  You  Love  And  Care  For  Them



1. Celebrate their Success 

 Dear, you don’t want to be that friend that gets sad because your friend just got a job or promoted in a job or got admission into college.  Be happy for your friend.   It isn’t a bad idea to congratulate them and send them gifts or cards if you have the money. Let them know how much they mean to you by celebrating their achievement.

2. Listen to their worries

There are times in life your friends may feel down and they run to you, don’t give deaf ears to them.   A good friend doesn’t always mean someone who has the right words to say, but rather someone who knows how to be a good listener. Sometimes, your friends do not need someone who will give them intelligence,  but someone who will just sit with them and listen to their crazy stories.  Listen to their rants no matter how good or bad it is. Show them that you’ll always have their time.

3. Make time with them

You should know that your time and presence are the most important thing for your friends. Feeling too busy is not a healthy one to go on with,  in your friendship. Your friends would think you don’t care about them anymore and may likely drawback from the friendship.

4. Go on an Adventure 

I have always wanted to do this one with my best friend but distance keeps getting in the way.  Going on a road trip is a beautiful adventure to have with your friends which creates beautiful memories.

5. Encourage Them

When they are about to give up on the things of life, strengthen them and give them hope.  When they feel there is no reason to be in this world give them so many reasons to be here and show them their worth. Support by lifting them because that’s what true friendship is about.

6. Understand their Plight 

Friendship is all about understanding. If you don’t understand your friends, who else will?  Be that friend who will understand them no matter the challenges, because if you cannot recognize your friends’ silence, then you will never be able to comprehend their words.

7. Surprise them

The best love you can get from a friend is remembering your special day (birthday or wedding anniversary) and throwing a surprise party to mark the day. Surprise your friends and put a smile on their faces.

8. Communicate with them

Communication is the key to a better relationship with friends or family. Check up on them on a basis -find out how they are coping wherever they may be and how you can help. there are so many ways you can communicate with friends now, no matter the distance. Thanks to social media, you can call and as well chat with them to know how they’re fairing. See also: How to make friends even as introverts

8. Help them 

 It must not necessarily be when in need because at times your friends may feel insecure to ask you for something when in need. Whenever you think your friend needs some assistance or guidance immediately ask them for a way you could help and help them solve whatever is bothering them. Support them in any way you can, to show you truly care.

9. Be a caring and Loyal Friend 

There are endless ways to show your friends you care for them.  Real friends are the ones who have the nicest things to say behind your back. From being a good listener when they need someone to talk to and from being a hand to lean on when they need a shoulder to cry on.
Friends who look at each other go an extra mile just to be sure they are okay.


No attempts to share your own thoughts and feelings are too small. Be creative with your message and think of a way that will mean something to them. The fun and troubles you experience with friends are indeed worth it and unforgettable. Spend time with your friends and tell them how you feel and think of them.


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