We all know that Fake life is a little engrossing. But you should ask yourself these questions – are you true to yourself?  Are you in competition with your friends? Do you always please someone and hide under a cloth because you fear they’ll leave you? Do you find peace and happiness after deceiving others?


Fake life is a fabricated kind of life that is deliberately displayed to deceive and make others believe what is not/never true.

A lot of individuals get stuck on the way trying to get to a place they don’t belong or pretending to be who they’re not.

On social media, people claim to be what they are not. Too many lies and frauds gallivanting on social media, deceiving people, and killing their joy. Humans have been put to an early grave because they lived a life that was never theirs.


Seeing yourself as a competition or comparing yourself with others will do no good but become a hindrance to your happiness, dreams, and achievement.

Be true to yourself and live your life for no one but you alone.

Life only supports you when you come into alignment with your most deeply cherished values and dreams.

Signs of living a fake life 

Here are a few signs that can help you discover, you are not living an authentic life.





You don’t have time  for yourself and goals



Do you think or feel that you spend less time on yourself? This is a sign that your life isn’t authentic but fake. When you spend less time on what can earn you success, there’s a possibility that you’ll miss great opportunities that could change your life forever.

The best part of life is having to do what you love and taking care of your own self.  Spend quality time on what matters to you like your hobbies, hanging out with friends and family, and on your own personal business.

When you start having time for yourself, you notice that the life you were living then was never genuine at all.


You spend your time and money on things that are not yours only to fit in


Living a fake life can make you unnecessarily lavish your money just to fit in a lifestyle that is not yours. You are never satisfied with what you have rather you are always asking for more things.

Spend your money on things that are worth it, on things that you hold strong value on.

Be true to yourself and on your doings, so that your values and beliefs can align.  You need to start now to let go of some lifestyles that are not authentic because when you don’t, it may end with regrets or failures in your goals.

Spend your money and time on relevant things that bring you joy and peace in your heart, not what you enjoy, and also suffer at the same time. Fake life isn’t a life to live. It only brings back bad luck and nothing good. Although, you may enjoy life for some time, can never enjoy it forever because nothing lasts forever.

Signs of living a fake life  


You value others opinion than yours


This sign is very common and superior to those living a fake life.


You see people respect more on what others think instead of trusting their own beliefs to be happy.

You alone know what is in your heart and what makes you happy, why then do you see yourself like you don’t have a say or other people know what is best for you? Why do you sit and watch someone decide for you?


When you don’t take your opinion as worthwhile but,  strongly value others, then it’s a sign that you are living a fake life.

It’s normal to seek opinions from people to make a change but not having the feeling that their opinion is more important than yours like you have no say except others… Stop feeling like your words and actions are less important. Always try to value your own opinion because when you don’t see your opinion as important, no one would value you or anything you say.

No opinion should matter to you right now than your own thoughts and say.

When you begin to value your opinions then you would realize that your life is an authentic one. An authentic life means that you speak for yourself and do what makes you happy, rather than abiding by the opinion people make for you



You are no longer happy 


You didn’t see it coming? Of course, this is already bound to happen from the moment you began living other people’s life.

When you live a life that is not made for you, that is, someone else’s life, then you begin to see yourself envious, frustrated, and sometimes depressed because you want to be like them, you want to spend like them, you are not satisfied with what you have and you ask for more.

All these will definitely make you unhappy. Although you may pretend to be happy outside deep down, your heart is unrest.

Why not leave that envious life and live your own life?

The best part of life is becoming your own role model i.e creating the best version of yourself by yourself without imitating or seeing your so-called “role model” as a kind of demigod or superior over your entire life.

Fall in love with yourself and everything you do, so you can be happy always.


Your health is at risk 


Do you care about your health at all?  If you are so worked up living a life that is unhealthy for you, then it’s a sign that life is not authentic.

Stop torturing yourself for not getting what you want because it would only worsen the situation by putting your health at risk.

We all know that life is stressful, but at the point when you are aligned with your purpose in life, becoming your genuine self would make you organize your necessities and want in a way that you let go of the pressure and frustration coming from life.

Depression and other illnesses coming from the mind are a sign that you are careless about yourself, and these could result in putting your health at risk.

Before taking any action or doing anything, always remember that your life is important and it should be enjoyed. Don’t do anything to torture your life because, in the end, you would be killing your health.


Note that, fake life isn’t a life to live. Stop seeing yourself as a competition and focus on your dreams and making your life better. Live your life for no one but your inner peace and happiness.


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