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It is true that everyone is busy with work, family and other activities of life but have you thought of your self-improvement? How to better yourself? And all that……

Self-improvement is not about making a heavy gesture but it is a big deal anyway. This is something everyone can work on consistently because no one is perfect and you can’t say, you have no flaws.

Improving yourself is a practice that can be worked on without relying on the assistance of others- this includes your character, physical health, and mental health.

There are activities you should consider in your daily life to improve yourself. Here are some self-improvement tips to help better your lives.



Identify yourself

Identifying yourself is the starting point of self-improvement. You’ll have to search for yourself thoroughly to be able to learn about your strengths and weaknesses.

Nobody knows you better than your own self. Be your own judge and make a change.

You are the only one that knows who you are, what your intentions are, and what you are capable of doing.


 Give yourself some nice Treats

You like that and you have the money, get it. Don’t wait for anyone to invite you for a treat, give yourself a nice treat that would make you feel good about yourself.

Do you like these clothes? Buy it. Do you want to have a body spa? Go for it girl. Give yourself a nice treat by visiting the spa for a massage, for a manicure, for a drink, visit that nice spot you just discovered for your lunch.

Darling, you deserve it all. Treat yourself when you feel like doing such.


Work on your Habits

Individuals do not see this as a big deal but my dear, it is a big deal.

Your habits shouldn’t be the reason for your failures and downfalls. Once one or two of your close friends complain about your habits, you need to have a rethink and work on your habits.

Self-improvement involves not just your mental and physical health but also your character towards yourself and the people around you. In fact, your character is the opening ground to self-improvement.

When people begin to complain about your habit, create a system that would help you watch your habit and make you mindful of your actions. That is, you will get rewarded for doing well and you will look for a punishment to use on yourself when you know that you have failed again on your habit.

Motivate yourself that you are ready to work on your bad habit, it would better not just your life but as well give you access to lots of great opportunities.



Explore more to learn new things

 When you bring yourself out to learn new things, you will be able to achieve your self-improvement.

There are lots of things out there to learn only when you set up your mind. And when you have learned those things you wished for, you would see that it is fun after all.

So I am going to suggest a few of these things you could learn when you are set up for self-improvement.

  • Learn a Language: It’s fun adding one or two language(s) to your language. For self-improvement, you should consider learning a language which in the end you would benefit from. Learning a new language can change your perception completely on the way you view the world and see other people that don’t speak your language, help you explore different cultures, introduce you to lots of beneficial opportunities, and a great way to work on yourself.
  • Learn an instrument: This is also fun especially when you are very good at playing your favorite instrument. Music is beautiful and magical which helps you communicate to your inner self and that is a great way to improve yourself.
  • Take an Online Course: Participate in an online class for knowledge and self-improvement. Online classes help you explore more and improve your thinking. There are so many online classes to participate in like photography, networking, your courses in school that you wish to expand your knowledge, and many more. There are online course sites you could enroll yourself into. Online course sites like Coursera, Udemy, etc. Some of these sites award you with certificates when finishing the program.

Set your schedule in such a way that you will be a chance to learn what you wish for and do other tasks.


Read More

I am a very lazy reader but I still struggle to read to be updated on the things happening in the world and also to discover new opportunities that would benefit me and everyone else.

Spending more on a binge is not a solution to expand your knowledge and meets opportunities. Create time and read books that inspire you to do your best, continue reading, and never give up. Reading helps to improve your vocabulary, your knowledge, mindset, and self-improvement.


Get a Muse

Find someone who you see as a role model that you admire so much and inspires you. It could be your mother, father, siblings, your friend, or someone among your peer, or your coworker, etc.

Anybody could be your muse as long as they are vastly experienced and have those qualities that lift you like becoming a daily reminder that set you on how to move forward on your journey.  Mentorship has a great impact on the life of anyone ready for self-improvement.


Startup a Business

Starting up a business is similar to learning new things like language and instruments but this comes with a benefit that is “monetizing”.

There are lots of businesses to start up depend on your finance and your choice, although they are some businesses you could startup that does not need money to start and you can still earn from, like freelancing, online consultant or tutor and influencing. However, if you are up to start a trading business online and offline, it requires money. Everything depends on what you want. Business can improve you in one way or the other.


In Conclusion:

Self-improvement is a gradual process, like I said in the introduction, you don’t have to get your head worked up trying to improve and better your life.

Self-improvement occurs ponderously and intentionally. Being consistent is what brings significant change – It requires patience, practice, and consistency to improve yourself and better your life.

In other to be sure you are serious with your self-improvement, be aware of what and how you can do to improve and reflect on everything you did to improve yourself at the end of each day,



Over to you dear

Do you have any other ways of self-improvement to contribute to the one I mentioned? Please share your contributions and suggestions in the comment box below. We would love to learn more. Thank you!



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