For centuries, procrastination serves as a barrier and a bridge, blocking the success of human lives.

Procrastination refers to,  the act of postponing and delaying an event, appointment, task, or set of tasks.
I have always defined it, as an inborn disease, that keeps ravaging human growth and achievement.
In other words, procrastination is a challenge we have all faced at one point in our lives or another, yet we’ve been struggling with it till today.

Over the years, I had procrastinated on things that are of most important to me and probably could change my life for the better, and I ended up regretting my actions. Tasks that needed diligence and fulfillment, despite knowing the negative outcomes it’d breed, I kept on delaying and avoiding them intentionally.

Procrastination happens all the time. Everyone is guilty of this one because at some point you’ll have to tell yourself; let me leave this for later, I’ll do it later, I work under pressure or I’m so busy regardless of the repercussions when you don’t get to do that.

For instance:

“A lady who challenges herself to lose weight within 30days does exercise for only 5days and skipped the rest of the days because she’s always postponing her days to workout, found out she gained more weight than she was”.
Likewise, “Academic students that ignored the value of time, continued to postpone when to prepare ahead for exams, until the last minute, they all began to work under pressure, making ends meet and all that”.

Most of us procrastinate, probably do so because it has become a bad habit.  It’s so much more fun to watch just one more youtube video or spend just a few minutes scrolling through Facebook.  Then somehow, those few more minutes turn into hours. The thing is that most of the time we procrastinate, we do so because we know that we will eventually get it done.  However, for the time being, let’s just do one more thing that’s more pleasurable and gives us immediate gratification.

Procrastination keeps happening, it happened in the past, it’s happening now and it’ll happen in the future. However, some factors we exhibit in our lives have been said to be the main causes of procrastination (fun, plenty of time, perfectionism, anxiety, lack of self-discipline) but our intrinsic motivation can help us to fight and overcome the habit of delaying and postponing our achievements.


How to Fight and Overcome Procrastination


Today, I’m going to share with you some ways that helped me and are still helping me to fight and prevail procrastination and as well, made me start doing things at the right time.

Keep away from Distraction

Do away with things that make you not focus on your success. You shouldn’t waste time on things that are less important and basically not necessary.
Focus on your work and get done with it before chit-chatting with your friends, surfing on your favorite social media network, seeing movies, and as well playing games. Avoid certain things that prevent you from achieving your goals.


Set a time frame

Another way to help you fight procrastination is by setting a time frame. Plan your goals in a way that is suitable for you. For example, you can use 2hrs to work and another 2hrs to see a movie or to do other tasks. Set your time according to your convenience and at the appropriate time. Do not let procrastination win your goals. Spend quality time on things that matter to you; on things that push and move you forward in life.

Have a To-do List

This is the one I love to do the most. My to-do list helps me to remember all my tasks of the day and motivates me into achieving those tasks without procrastinating. Anytime I try to procrastinate on things that are at hand and that are very important and need to be accomplished before due, my to-do list encourages me to stay on track for the entire day.


 Set hard deadlines

Hard deadlines will help you boost your confidence and motivation, whenever you set and commit yourself to it. Give your all on the things that are on the ground first and every other thing can come later.


Get an accountable teammate

Getting a teammate who is going to hold your feet when you are about to drown is great. A teammate who is accountable for important things will do anything in their power to make you achieve your goals rather than postponing and delaying the task. Your teammate will have to call you on the phone to remind you of how important the task is and persuade you into finishing your task, then reconnect the next day and report on what you accomplished.
Choose a partner who knows every task given, is very crucial and needs much effort to be put in. When you know you have an accountability partner, you won’t have to procrastinate rather you are more likely to make your efforts count.


Reward Yourself

This can also help you win procrastination. When you feel overwhelmed about a task that has almost reached its deadline, think of the reward you’ll get afterward, and tell yourself you deserve it. However, it’d motivate you to do that task and making you achieve your success.


These are the few ways, you can imitate from now on that will make you overcome steady delays and procrastinating on things that may change your life for the better. I hope you find these short guides on procrastination helpful.

Note that, laziness is quite different from procrastinating. You can feel lazy to work but not give yourself hope of doing what you are supposed to do for later. With laziness, you don’t intend to do the task at all, but with procrastination, you plan to do the task for later. It’s a good idea to start using the word ‘procrastination rather than ‘laziness ‘ or putting things off; it provides a much more accurate description of your situation, only by giving the right name for your problem that you can work on.

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