Fear is universal and it’s ineluctable to every human, irrespective of the personality (either introvert or extrovert)

One of the plights introvert faces is ‘FEAR’ not because they are afraid but because the world has infused that word ‘fear’ to just introvert alone, making them look like they can’t do anything other than becoming afraid of everything.

I’m an introvert and I know there are lots of things I wish to do and wished I did that I can’t do or couldn’t do because I get scared of doing those things.

My close folks are extrovert and with that, I thought I was going to change from being an introvert to a more open and sociable person

however, I noticed it can’t be possible because the introvert in me can’t change but be a better version of me.

I won’t say I regret being an introvert, in fact, I love it but sometimes I just want to do things differently other than my own normal self.


Being introverts can be tremendously disturbing because the world has made it look like they are afraid of everything, therefore you are afraid of a lot of things in your social life like fear of associating with people, fear of speaking in public i.e stage fright, fear of talking to peers, fear of losing, fear of joining your favorite sport, fear of asking questions, and many fears that could cause a lot of damages like missing great opportunities that would better your life, communicating with the right people, learning new things, failing for lack of outspokenness, etc.

Introverts spend time being alone and just doing what they love. They are basically anti-social and loners.

Extroverts detach themselves from introverts because they don’t want to be drawn back by their inherent and anti-social life.

Some persons believe that introverts are more likely to be depressed all the time but it’s not true.

When you come close to an introvert, you would love them and want to spend time with them.

Trust me, when I say they’re lovable they really are, the only problem is that, they prefer to stay alone and just do what makes them happy.


However, becoming all these isn’t the best solution for introverts to be successful rather introverts need to fight these fears in other to do well in life.


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Check out these 5 ways For Introvert to Overcome Fear


1. Discover your fear

Identifying your fear is essential and should be the first thing to do.

Be aware of where the fear is coming from and learn how you feel when it comes, so you can quickly fight it and work against it effectively, for it never to return.

When you discover your fear, you would try as much as possible to drive it away for it not to cause hindrance blocking your way to success.


2. Avoid  Risks

Introverts are known for thinking things widely before uttering them out to anyone.

Sometimes, taking the risk is not a bad thing to do because you may get lucky however, it needs full thought and getting prepared for the outcome (whether good or bad) to avoid worthless taking of risk.

We introverts are also known as great observers, therefore to overcome the fear faced by us (introverts), use the magical observations and ruminations to look at the downfalls that could escapades when you finally take the risk.

You could do much better instead of preventing the risk you’re about to take. Preventing risk-taking might be hard to carry on but when you have understood the dangers of the risks, you would be able to avoid the deadly outcomes or downfalls of taking risks.


3. Understand your fear with self-examination and self-consciousness

Fear can be controlled when it is properly examined.

If you want to change from this fear, understand what fear is all about, how you feel in your body and soul when it pops up, and what its outcome does to you, and you would understand that it’s not you that is afraid but that piercing of the word ‘introvert’ in you has just made you look like you are afraid of things, when you are not.

The more you are being conscious of yourself on fear, it wouldn’t look abnormal anymore because you would understand why you shouldn’t be scared of anything.

Fear is from the inside, and as long as you are an introvert, you would have a leg up when it gets to learning about fear through self-examination.


4. Face your fear

It is very essential to finally accept your fear rather than hiding under the cloak i.e denying it.

As I said, we are humans and are likely to have fears within. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert, fear comes from within and it is Universal.

I already told you in the first step to identify your fear, in other words, when you begin to notice those fears in you, face them instead of running from them.

It’s going to be difficult challenging your fears and overcoming them but you still don’t have to give up anyway because when you do give up, you are only inviting more fear in you which would do no good but harm to your body.

Giving up is not the best option, so do not give up on what you are trying so hard to end. It takes time to change the habits of fear but also requires more effort to be put in.

Your first time facing your fear won’t be so great but the second time could do better and take you to improvement.


5. Engage in deeper connections

Positive people who support by encouraging are who you should tap into.

When you have supportive individuals that provide moral supports and deep positive thinking, they can help you ease your fear.

Introverts love to connect deeply with individuals who share almost the same characteristics as them because they feel like they understand them better and can relate as well.

However, having someone you can dig deep into your feelings in times of fear can help and support your effort to take a risk and face your fear even when you are much afraid.


 Introverts are the most intensive when it comes to having a passion for something and compassion for a thing or person.


Don’t feel bad because you are an introvert, you just need to continue doing your very best.

Your introversion shouldn’t get in your way towards achieving your goals.

Overcome those fears that keep making you miss rightful opportunities. You’re an introvert you should be proud of who you are.

Introverts are fighters and go-getters, you should not be afraid because people say so or feel like you can’t get anything right.

If you are so passionate about what you love, focus on that thing and give your shot.

That thing you are so passionate about and you are so afraid to do is still calling you – all you have to do is, take your time, take it easy on yourself and face your fears.

I promise you would be great!


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