Do you feel like you are being surrounded by negative people? Maybe from your friends, coworkers, or your family? Are you disturbed because you have no idea how to deal with their negativity?

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Negative people are always pessimistic and joy killers, they try as much as possible to yield your joy away and bring you nothing but sadness.

Dealing with them can be very confusing because you find it hard to keep away from them or talk to them about it in order not to bring a conflict in the end, especially when the negative behavior is coming from the ones you love and care about so much like your family or close friend.  You feel frustrated by their words and actions, and you are extremely fed up with being overbearing.

When negative people are all around you, it troubles your emotions and drains you completely but when you surround yourself with positive people, there’s happiness and peace in your heart.

Getting rid of them is not the best solution to end this negativity coming from them, however, I have come up with some tips on how to deal with these negative people for your inner peace and happiness.



#Tips to deal with Negative people

  • Cut off from them
  • Don’t allow their negativity to play with your emotions
  • Empty/ Clear your head
  • Keep up positivity
  • Control your emotions


1.  Cut off from them

This is one of the hardest ways to deal with negative people especially when you are very close with such people. If you have tried other methods like talking to them about it and still no change. The next move should be to avoid them, for your sanity and peace of mind.

2.  Don’t allow their negativity to play with your emotions

Negative people can be manipulative, in other words, you should not let their negativity affect you. Ignore every negative comment coming from them and understand that they are being frustrated by their negativity.

If you shower your positive words and support them when they’re down but they never show any support in your own case, rather all that could come out of their mouth is negativity. Have a rethink about such people.

Don’t expect anything good to come out from them after all, you already know who they are and what they are capable of.

Your happiness should be your priority and when you don’t get that from people around you, detach yourself from such people and fix yourself in a place you get happiness.

3. Empty your head

Negative people can weaken your emotions and drain you completely. Sometimes you would even get frustrated about the whole situation in your life and you would still bear their negativity. Take a break from them and go out to clear your head before it explodes. You need enough battery to carry their negative comments. Take your time to meditate and clear your head.

To get your sanity back, go for a long walk, listen to your favorite music, read a book that inspires you, hang out with positive people, go play your favorite sports or learn something new. Your mental health is very important and should be taken care of dearly.

If you feel like your head is about to explode by these negative people around you, take time away from them and get back your mental stability.


4. Keep up the positivity

They’re lots of positive vibes around you that give energy and strength but you have not yet discovered them because you’re busy swimming inside an ocean filled with negative people that won’t add anything to you but take away from you. Take your time to find those positive vibes and maintain the space.  Positive vibes would inspire you, teach you, encourage you, support you, and eventually move you forward to success. A positive vibe brings positive energy, and you don’t need anyone to give you that positiveness. They are many things you could do and get, out there that bring positive vibes.

5. Control your emotions

Negative people can make you lose your cool but you should control your emotions. Watch what you say to them and the actions you make. If you are not short-tempered, you can listen to what they have to say and make your own statements, and also remain calm with them.

But, if you are easily tempered, the best thing to do once they start with their negative talks, is to walk away.

Control your emotions anytime you’re with a negative person or surrounded by negative people. We know that their words can be very treacherous and annoying but you have to remain cool with them to avoid any fight or exchange of words.




How do you deal with negative people?

This post contains some tips that would help you deal with negative people. I hope these tips helped. Please share with us how you deal with negative people, so we could learn and add up to what we have learned.

Dealing with negative people can drain our energy but with these tips, I hope it wouldn’t affect us much anymore and we would regain back our positive energy.

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