Most persons invade our lives to leave a mark (many a time, a scar) and disappear.

The early days of the relationship saw no end, it was effusive with sweetness and blossomed into an obsessive desire to cling unto the person forever; however, the hands of time slowly creates discord, infuses tension, distrust, and ultimately destroys the wish for being together forever.

When the ribbon of attachment between both of you slowly loosens, you frantically try to glue it together as it had been, make entreaties for reconciliation and stab your pride for the other, yet it all fizzles away; the promises, laughter, and dreams all transcending into another experience and lessons in your world of disappointments.

The Limbo Of Life 

You’re only left with unanswered questions; why did they leave? Did I do anything wrong? Did my flaws stink so bad that they left without saying why?

Then the wave of inadequacy hits you. You begin to think less of yourself. Nothing makes sense anymore. You make people leave. You must be bad luck. This is why people leave after you gift them your trust and heart for free.

But this is not it. Everything which is happening is not going to be with you forever but will surely leave an impression on your mind, maybe positive or negative, (positive vibes encourage you, negative vibes discourage you at times) but the common thing is, it becomes a part of your memory.

Irony of Life 

Ask yourself these questions; assume everyone you love lives in your life, what do you get in return – Fun, companionship, and all the love and care or what you are intended to learn? Why do you meet someone in your life when they’ll leave eventually?
what’s the significance of always, when everything which is happening is to end one day?’

All these questions come up when someone who meant to you leaves you, it can be you who left in someone else’s life, and the one who left you may not be aware that it’s going to hurt you.

The questions are similar to asking; why people die if they’re born to live? Well, everything is correlated here. When the person who comes into your life has to leave for a better world, you start to realize their true value. There is a beginning and there has to be an end.

Everything doesn’t stay for eternity. It’s on you that you must cherish the time you spend with your loved ones. That you respect and treasure the moments that you get to be together, even though it’s for a short while.


In conclusion, life is about creating memories with people you meet in one or another way. We may not know each other, but while reading this article your mind will automatically create a memory of it. Basically, some persons leave to teach a lesson, which gives you memories and in the end makes you stronger and wiser.

Life’s a theatre of many plays. You’re but an actor in one of those plays. Your experiences are but episodes in those plays. Like a good actor, you must never stop fighting for what you want. Never stop acting your best. Never stop believing in your role.

Then, the applauds from the audience will come. And like Cinderella, a sea of disappointments will only sail you to the one person meant for you, who’ll never leave; but only if you preserve on your sail and never doubt your strength to beat the rioting sea!

In the end, life is about moving on…



Life musings by Nigerian lifestyle and relationship blogger Nuella Igwe focusing on creative entrepreneur, life tips, career, relationship, travel, blogging tips, beauty and skincare.


  • Anonymous

    Beautiful write up. From my own opinion, I think relationships are affected negatively mostly because some people spend their time thinking of the future and having doubts that things would work out for both of them, there by not giving their best in the relationship as an actor would do in a play. They forget that we only have control of the present and the choices we make today creates the future we want to have. I would advice individuals in any kind of relationship to learn to live in the moment, enjoy every bit of your time, make beautiful memories together, plan for the future with a positive mindset, dont worry about the future because your worries can affect you and your relationship and lastly, love as much as you can even if your partner’s love doesn’t reciprocate the love as much as you do because in the end, even if it doesn’t work out between you two, you will have no regret because you gave in your best. No one lives forever and no one knows when a person’s life ends. Enjoy the moment.

  • Mbah Emmanuella

    Beautiful piece, it’s sad that it comes to an end and that we realize it importance or unimportance after it ends. I feel the uncertainty of where the relationship is headed to is the beauty of it all, we could choose to live in the moment and enjoy it or spend our time trying to figure out where it’s headed and to me that would be a great loss.

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