10 Lifestyle Blogs to follow in 2021

Ever since I learned about lifestyle blogs in 2017, I’ve been captivated.  I spend my 6hours going through people’s blogs!

There are some which became my favorites, and I never miss out on any of their posts.  I also check out new blogs, and if I find any interesting, I go back to visit the blog.

I love reading blogs that discuss personal finance and business to get tips and tricks on business management and finance. Notwithstanding I spend most of my time on lifestyle blogs because of the inspiration I get from there.

Today I would be sharing 10 amazing lifestyle blogs for you to follow in 2021.


What is a lifestyle blog? 

Before we move into these amazing lifestyle blogs to follow, let’s discuss the actual meaning of a lifestyle blog.

A lifestyle blog is the activity of a blogger’s life where he/she shares life experience, information, and educates the reader with valuable content.

A lifestyle blog inspires and teaches the world to be its best self and do great.

Lifestyle blogs comprise of the following:

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Parenting
  • Babies and Teens
  • Motherhood
  • Relationship
  • Fitness and Health
  • Home Décor
  • Hobbies
  • career
  • Personal development and many more beautiful activities that involve one’s life and interest.

Many lifestyle bloggers have a few of these listed categories they concentrate on, but they might touch on some other topics not related.

There are a whole lot of beautiful blogs in the lifestyle niche that is never possible to cover.

However, I’ve come up with a few popular and successful blogs in the lifestyle niche that I admire a lot and eventually look up to.


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Lifestyle Blogs to follow in 2021


Cassie Daves

One of my favorite blogs I check out all the time. Cassandra Ikegbunam, popularly known as Cassie Daves is a medical doctor yet a blogger in the lifestyle niche.


She discusses her personal life in beauty and fashion. She inspires me a lot with her whole beauty/ skincare setting and her planner which helped me at some point.

You should check her blog out especially when you are interested in the Fashion and Lifestyle blog.

She suggests a nice skincare product that would suit your skin.



Cupcakes and Cashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere is one of the blogs I discovered in my first year at the university and ever since then, I have been an avid reader of the blog.

This blog (now a brand) is owned by Emily Schumann content creator and an author for her books.  Cupcake and Cashmere is a lifestyle blogger that educates everyone with relationships tips down to her business sense and beauty hacks.

She has written 2 amazing books that became internationally bestselling books in the bookshop.

She has a clothing and home décor line sold at major retailers, and also own an online shop where she showcases beautiful rompers, jumpsuits, blazers, cardigans, and many stunning outfits (I would love to get a romper from her shop someday) – She’s industrious I can say.

The relationship she shares with her husband is what thrilled me a lot. He supports her work and they work together in making this brand a bomb.



Denola Grey

Denola Grey is another lifestyle blog to check out.

He is a content creator, an actor, and a king in fashion. In his blog, he educates men on how to dress and choose the right outfit for any kind of occasion.

He was nominated as one of the top 3 best dressed male celebrities at the Africa Movies Viewer’s choice award early this year. He brings out the best looks on red carpets and other events.

If you are going into a fashion blog fully, Denola Grey is not an exception to follow. Denola Grey is ready to transform your fashion sense into awe.


Derek Blasberg

Derek Blasberg is another writer in the lifestyle/ fashion niche.

He has worked with so many companies as a writer, a content creator, an editor, a host, and a contributor in fashion.

For instance, he worked in the US hamper’s bazaar, Vanity Fair magazine, CNN style show, and currently the head of fashion and beauty partnerships on youtube.

He has collaborated with some of the big industries in the US and also serves as a consultant for fashion brands.  Derek Blasberg has written books that became the talk of the town and caught the attention of many.

Books like Very Classy and Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady propelled him to succeed as a best-selling published author.

His love for his dog is charming.



Kotrynna Bass

My first ever muse in the lifestyle blog.  I can’t stay a day without reading one of her posts.

Kotrynna bass is a lifestyle blogger that empowers individuals to make beautiful things happen online.

In her blog, she shares every bit of her personal life and growth, which include teaching anyone ready to get into the business sector how to run a business online and make a profit from it.


She tutors newbie on how to start a website of your own and as well helps you design your website to your taste for an affordable price.

She sells beautiful themes in her blog and on the WordPress theme store.

Not just that, she touches the interest and activities in life like her post on procrastination.

PS: She inspires me a lot. I look forward to having an encounter with her someday.


Emma’s Edition

I started following this blog early this year, and ever since then, Emma has become my favorite person.

She’s always happy and I’m pretty sure she’s friendly too. We haven’t met but I hope to meet her someday and probably take a cool pix with her.

Emma is a lifestyle blogger too, she focuses on bringing you fashion, career, and life advice (she’s very good I must recommend).

Sometimes I just go to her blog to gain motivation and laugh. Emma shares her style perspective with everyone interested in fashion and styles. Her blog inspires women especially to grow in style.



Blogtrovert is another lifestyle blog to follow.

She hasn’t been in the blogging sector for a long time however, she’s very good at what she does in her blog.

Her blog is more on personal finance and personal development.


She teaches individual on how to make money online and provide tips on a way to start blogging.

Download her ebook on “how to start a lifestyle blog” when you visit her site.

My first encounter with her was a heartfelt memory I can never forget – she’s welcoming and ready to listen to any complaint about blogging.

She’s a “go-to” friend when you need advice on anything from blogging tips down to hustling hacks and SEO.

 Her posts can lead someone down the most decadent rabbit hole of interesting finds.




The Everygirl

The Everygirl was one of the blogs I discovered in 2017 which became one of my favorites just like Cupcake and Cashmere.

The blog is owned by Danielle Moss and Alaina Kaczmarzi from Chicago. The Everygirl is a lifestyle blog that centers on millennial women which includes relationships, career, travel, finance, wellness, and so on.

What I love about this blog is the togetherness and cooperation they share in making the blog a success.

The blog is a broad one, yet still produces the best.


 Sisi Yemmie

If I end this without mentioning Sisi Yemmie the inspirational blogger, then I have not started.

Sisi Yemmie is a lifestyle and food blogger (always ready to give you a special recipe for any delicacy). She is so creative and talented, very eager to make something out of nothing.

She discusses not just food but also as a mom and a wife she gives us the best relationship tips ever, parenthood and entertainment.

Sisi Yemmie with her eye-catching topics has about 14million views on her Youtube Channels.

She catches the eyes of her audience and they can’t look away. If you are interested in switching to a food blog, Sisi Yemmie isn’t a bad idea to follow.



Note that:

There are a countless number beautiful blogs to visit that are in the lifestyle niche which would inspire and motivate you however,  I just thought I should share these few blogs I found interesting and inspirational for you to check out.

If I don’t stop here, I would probably create a short book for all the blogs I love reading.



 I would love to hear what your thoughts are about these bloggers, and also if you have any other lifestyle bloggers that inspire you a lot please share with us in the comments below.


I also love to connect with my readers. Follow me on my social handles let’s connect.






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