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Life is a course that is meant to be passed; it’s either we fail or we win, and if we fail, we learn from it and continue fighting for the best.

There are some ugly facts about life that you don’t seem to know and probably, you do not want to hear, but I have to tell you anyway.

Life has much unpleasant truth that lies beneath it and you have to accept the reality.

These ugly truths about life, are what I’m going to talk about today.
So, gather yourself together and take note!





  • Everyone can not achieve their goals in life

Living an achievable life can mean a lot of things but not everyone is going to enjoy success.
In life, there’s a winner and a loser (everyone cannot win and everyone can’t lose either). There’s an obstacle that keeps coming through your way, anytime you are near success; it’s not like it is your fault, but it’s a thing of fate that is bound to happen. However, with so much hard work and commitment, a change can be made.


  • Problems show up in life

At some point in your life, you’ll experience some problems that are going to drain you completely. You can’t hide under the umbrella when there lots of unfixed problems. Accept the fact that, you must have some difficulties tomorrow (Nobody can escape difficulties) and you’ll find a way to fix them. The difficulties may be minor or drastic but above all, you’ll look for a solution to the problems.


  • Unreturned love

This happens all the time, you have to accept it. Someone you love may not feel the same way and someone that loves you, may not get the same feeling from you. Only the lucky ones, find the right partners where the feelings are mutual.


  • Anyone can die Anytime

I had a friend who was playing football with his friends, and he got shot in the head with the ball. He died after suffering from internal bleeding.
People die every day, in the worst imaginable way. Nobody is going to live forever and nobody knows when death would come, knocking on the door.
In other words, live your life to the fullest. Do the right thing and what makes you happy, then sit and enjoy what life has to offer.

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  • Not everyone is going to like you

No matter what you do or say to please people, everyone is not going to support or like you and as well, find you or your idea interesting. There’s that someone, that finds all your words irritating and annoying, even when you try to convince them to like you, you’ll get booed on later. However, you should stop trying hard to please everyone rather, do what you feel is best for you.


  • You will lie and be lied to, every day

No one gets credit for this, because everyone is guilty of it.
People lie to convey a false image or create certain impressions. You too, lie for the same act; to deceive, even if it’s literally true.
They will lie to you to look perfect, and at the end of the day, they manipulate and influence you.
Furthermore, lying is never going to stop happening; it will continue and everyone has to accept that, there must be a lie.


  • Connection  deem superior over hard works

Connection is a big one in the country. You may have to work hard for 10yrs to get promoted or make it big, and someone somewhere might just know another person who’ll open a door, and as usual, achieve it in less than a year.


A lot keeps happening in our lives. There are bound to happen after all, but the best is surpassing all that life gives us and live in it with happiness. Sing like no one is listening, love as you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, and live like it’s heaven on earth.

These are the little unpleasant truths about life, that we should all learn and accept.

Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s learn from it!


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