When you have a lot of good healthy habits and limit the bad ones, you are building that infrastructure For an amazing life.

Having a daily routine makes you efficient and helps you build good habits and break bad ones.

You wake up in the morning, you go to your place of work or school and when you get back, you stay on your computer for hours, forgetting you need to have some rest and get ready for the next day activities; your daily habit is unhealthy because you have not set up a routine on how your day should be.

You find yourself bored or feeling lazy at some point – when you set your daily habits, you won’t feel bored or lazy to work, and your attitude will be great. One thing you should know is that an excellent daily routine sets you up for success.

Today, I’ll give you a little secret of mine, on how to have a healthy productive day.

Note that, these are just my routines to productive habits, that changed my life; you could as well, add them to your routines for a much better life.




1. Start your Day with Ginger Tea or Lemonade

Every morning, when you wake up, simply take a cup of lemon mix with warm water or ginger tea to enjoy a refreshing start to your day.

Ginger goes a long way to helping the body feel refreshed. For further information on how to prepare ginger tea, read –

which in turn, protect against inflammatory diseases such as Fungal infections.

2. Exercise

Working our daily or thrice a week, keeps the body fit and improves your energy level and blood. Plank is an excellent way to strengthen your core; find one minute today, to fit in an extra plank – go for a jog or a walk on the road, also helps build the body metabolism.
Engaging in some form of physical exercise helps your body naturally to release endorphins, which reduce your perception of pain and make you feel more positive.

3. Have your Breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal of the day; it’s advisable, never to miss breakfast. Having cereal and egg with a cup of coffee or tea, are not bad ideas – make sure you have a great breakfast because it helps set the tone for the day.

4. Read a book 

After your amazing breakfast, create an hour or two of your time to read a book. Reading books helps Alleviate depression and Strengthen the brain.

5. Care for Yourself –

Anything that makes you feel good about yourself, do it and be happy. Whether you are going out or you are home, dress well to help help you improve your mindset.

6. Sleep at the Appropriate Time

When you have finally achieved your routine during the day, the next thing to do is to take a break from operating your phone or watching films; take your eyes from the screen, etc your brain has a rest. You have enough time for the next day and the day after to stay on the screen. Do yourself good by not taking your phone to bed because you’d be tempted to operate it, which you may end up not sleeping early and probably waking up with red eyes or headache the next day.

These are my 5 daily habits, you should try or add to your routines

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