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Laurence Sterne said, “only the brave know how to forgive… A coward never forgave; it is not his nature “.

Forgiveness is very essential in human life; it’s the ultimate sign of courage and strength. When you forgive, you let go of every grudge you have and make peace with yourself.

However, you think you’ve let go of things, but in actuality, you stuffed them deep down inside and forget they are there until you see the person again. The scenario of what was done to you, replays in your mind over and over, preventing you from forgetting. Above all, it’s time to free your heart and let go of that burden of not forgiving.



How can you forgive when you can’t forget


1.  Remember how much you’ve been forgiven

When you feel hurt or offended, you get an urge to make the offender pay for what they’ve done, forgetting also that you have hurt another person badly and countless times, you’re forgiven. Think of the times you’ve been forgiven and forgive does who have hurt you.

2.   Forgive yourself and Let go

You find it hard to forgive yourself because you took responsibility for the wrongdoing of others and blame yourself for everything. You see yourself as your own enemy and regret ever getting into the situation. Everyone makes mistakes and cannot be perfect – let go off any mistakes made and find the opportunity to learn from the mistakes, so it can’t be repeated it

3.    Love and not Hate

Fill your heart with love and not hate. In the end, you know that love conquers all bad. Do not let the things of the world change your perception about life and make you a different person. If your heart is filled with love and compassion, you’ll be able to forgive those who wrong you and eventually forget them too.


In conclusion, we humans are complex creatures, no matter how good your intentions are, you can pretty much guarantee that at some points or another, you’ll hurt those you love but at the end, you get forgiven and also, you should forgive. Forgiving yourself and others are very difficult but it’s vital to forgive to maintain long term relationships.

Let go of the past and forgive those who have hurt you badly. When you forgive someone, you stop feeling guilty and hate in you, rather you’d be filled to peace and happiness.

Don’t let ego make you end with a broken heart or unforgivable spirit. If you want to be free, you search your heart thoroughly and forgive all those who offend you.

Forgive someone today and be happy with yourself!

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