Finding yourself when you have lost a sense of who you are can be very difficult especially, when in a state of grief for your loved one.

When you are feeling lost in life, it comes with self-denial, anger, and frustration which are signs of depressions, and when you finally recognize that you are going through motions, you would want to bargain with yourself hoping to get a positive result from it.

There are many reasons why individuals feel lost in life (so don’t blame anyone you see acting indifferent) and It is normal to feel lost sometimes especially when you are stressed from school assignments, office work, or in a grieving state, but the best is finding yourself again which would help regain your happiness and sanity.

These guides will help you figure out your life and get you back on track.

Finding yourself when lost in life

1. Acceptance

Accepting who you are or what happened is an important move to take when you’re finding yourself.
There are phases of life we all must encounter, whether struggles, death, or success, everyone must experience what life has to offer. However, it is better to accept what has happened if at all you want to heal or find yourself.

Acceptance is one of the bases you should do immediately you feel lost in life and you’re ready to find yourself again.

2. Write

There’s a saying that goes, “the best way to express yourself is through writing”.

Writing calms the mind and boosts your enthusiasm. It’s advisable to pour out your mind and heart in a book when you are trying to figure out who you are.
A great way to finding yourself again is by noting down every moment whether good or bad in your journal.

This would help you get your inner peace after pouring out everything troubling you in your journal.

3. Do What You Love

You’ve been wanting to try something new, now is the right time. Go do what you love and if you have not discovered one yet, go try new stuff.

Doing what you love will not only help find you back but as well help you get your happiness back quickly.

Look for something that you find interesting or you’re passionate about.
Don’t let people’s negative words weigh you down, if you love something go for it, as long as it makes you happy.


4. Leave Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is what draws you back and prevents you from achieving your goals.

Step out of your comfort zone, if you’re in a process of finding yourself. It won’t be easy because you’ll meet challenges on the way but you have to continue going anyway.

When you leave your comfort zone, great opportunities would come to you which go a long way towards helping you discover yourself.


5. Choose a Hobby

This is similar to number 3 “Do what you love”.
A hobby is something you have an interest in, that you would love to do over and over again without getting exhausted.

There are countless hobbies you can pick up like participating in sports, learning a musical instrument, writing, singing, dancing, watching movies, listening to music, joining an NGO, or becoming a volunteer. As long as you find what you do fun and also bring back the joy and happiness you wished for, then keep doing it no matter the negativity coming from other people.


6. Meditation


When we mention meditation, individuals jeer at it probably because they’ve not tried it.

Meditation works adequately in finding yourself when lost. Meditation relieves tension and as well calms the mind.

Don’t listen to anyone that says meditation doesn’t work, they have not tried it so they know nothing about it.

Start by sitting upright with your legs crossing each other, then breathe in and feel the atmosphere, exhale after 5 minutes. You’ll get a good result after doing so.

If you have lost the sense of who you are, try engaging in meditation which will eventually help you in finding yourself again. Meditation returns your inner peace and stability.


7. Forgive Yourself for Everything

Forgive yourself now that you can before it gets too late. This is one of the biggest steps to take in the process of finding yourself.

Don’t blame yourself for something that has happened already, it’s not your fault it happened however, you should forgive yourself to get back on track.

Even if you are guilty of what happened, it is called” past” for a reason, stop allowing your past hunt and get away with you, you need to forgive yourself and as well forgive those who hurt you.

When you forgive yourself for everything that happened, you’d be able to find yourself. Your biggest opponent is yourself, and the earlier you release yourself from your past is better for you before you miss opportunities. Talk to someone, maybe a close friend or a therapist about your problem if you are finding it hard to forgive yourself.


Know that every single BREATH of life is a gift that you should be thankful for. Live in the moment – sing, dance, daydream, watch, listen, feel, enjoy.

You owe yourself healthy life to live, if you feel like you don’t owe yourself anything, think about your loved ones who are late, you owe them by living for them.

Cherish every moment you have on earth because many people never had the opportunity to achieve their goals before leaving. Follow these little guides I gave you to find yourself back. I hope it helps.





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