For a century, ’‘Depression’ has impeded people’s happiness, calmness, peace, laughter, and joy.

Depression is an energy drainer, that causes nothing but pain, loss of appetite, anger, and many unwanted feelings, which in the end leaves you with a total sense of emptiness and fatigue.

Depression can change one’s mood completely from good to bad; it interferes with people’s everyday activities, thereby dealing with their minds and emotions.

A lot of people, both young and old (Nigeria in particular and every other African country) suffer from depression due to lack of job opportunity, death of a family member or loved one, academic stress gotten from failure in a course, reading to pass a test or examination, unable to finish a level because of bad influence from peers or a strike brought by the college staffs and officials; thus, leaving the students frustrated and anxious to commit suicide.

I have a friend that suffered from depression in the past, with consistent advice and supports from loved ones and friends, she was able to get away from that illness.

Thanks to researchers for finding the strategies to fight and get away from depression easily, however, these strategies are what I’m going to share with you today.


 Ways To Get Away From Depression

There are ways to fight depression completely and make you have your peace and happiness again.


Set your objectives

Defining objectives and targets can at times help when an individual is feeling depressed.
At the point when you’ve done a little thing, focused on another little thing, and afterward another. Thusly, you have a rundown of substantial accomplishments of your plan for the day.

Separating bigger objectives into littler advances using the same standards can likewise help when an individual is experiencing depression.

For instance, rather than saying, “I will begin to practice more,” you can make explicit, noteworthy objectives, like “I will take a 15-minute walk tomorrow first thing before work.”

Nonetheless, it is essential to ensure that objectives are feasible, explicit, and realistic. Individuals may likewise wish to set a time frame around accomplishing every objective.
All objectives are worthy of recognition, and all successes are worthy of celebration. When you achieve an objective, do your best to recognize it. Recognizing your own successes can be a very incredible weapon against depression.


Create a routine

In the activity that depressive side effects disturb your everyday schedule, setting a delicate timetable may assist you with feeling in charge. Although, these plans don’t need to take the whole day.

When you feel disorganized or dissipated, zero in on making a free, yet organized schedule that can assist you with propping your day-by-day pace up.
Attempt to get up at your convenience and adhere to your everyday routine. Have in mind that, not having a routine could affect your eating habit. Therefore, as much as possible to continue preparing and eating regular meals.


Do something you enjoy

Depression can drain your strength completely, making you very tired and frustrated but doing what you find interesting is one of the best ways to fight depression or any sort of bad feelings.

Accomplish something you appreciate, something you love and you want to try again; It could be listening to your favorite music, watching a comic film, playing a sport like a basketball, playing an instrument, going hiking, hanging out with friends, or going for picnics. It does not matter, as long as it makes you happy and gives you inner peace. These activities can lighten your mood and energy, which may help you overcome your problem.

Listening to music can be an incredible method to help your state of mind and improve the side effects of depression. It may likewise assist you with fortifying your gathering of positive feelings.

Think about investing more energy and time outside your home like a picnic, exercise outdoor instead of the fitness center, connect with people outdoor, strolling with a partner, and so on. The exercises can help you reconnect with nature and absorb a few beams simultaneously.

If you enjoy spending time with your family and friends, then consider that, because the time spent with loved ones can go a long way to helping a person fight depression. Try to remind yourself these people care about you. Resist the temptation to feel like you’re a burden. You need the interaction — and they likely do, too.



Doing volunteering work helps in fighting depression – by giving your time and reaching out to people, you are improving your state of mind positively.  You may be accustomed to getting help from other individuals, however, connecting and giving assistance may really improve your emotional wellness more.

Note that, People who do volunteering work experience physical advantages. It decreased the danger of hypertension. At the point when you accomplish something you love, or in any event, when you locate another movement you appreciate, you might have the option to help your emotional wellness more by setting aside some effort to be grateful for it.
They may likewise have higher life fulfillment, confidence, and satisfaction.

Eat a healthy meal

What you eat and drink can likewise influence how you feel. No enchantment diet will treat depression. Be that as it may, what you put into your body can have a genuine and critical effect on how you feel.

Food significantly affects mood and mental wellness. Eating a nutritionally healthy meal can help forestall insufficiencies and keep an individual inclination well.

Some individuals, don’t feel like eating when they’re depressed and are at risk of becoming underweight. Others find comfort in food and can put on excess weight.

Hard drugs and excess alcohol can make the symptoms of depression much more awful and as well make the condition difficult to treat.

Individuals who battle to keep away from these substances may wish to think about talking to a therapist.



Although working out might be the exact opposite thing that numerous individuals want to do when they are experiencing a depressive scene, it can regularly be useful.

An individual can begin gradually, such as,   by taking a short walk or swim once or twice a week. Exercise and physical movement can be amazing and helpful to fight depression.

Research recommends that, for certain individuals, exercise can be as powerful as a prescription at mitigating depressive side effects.

In case you’re ready to, go for a stroll around your neighborhood. Start with a 5mins walk and stir your way up from that point.




Research suggests activities like massage, meditation, mindfulness, music therapy, tai chi, yoga, deep breathing, and even journaling may help you improve your sense of well-being and feel more connected to what’s happening around you.

Stress and anxiety can prolong your depression symptoms. Discovering unwinding methods can assist you with bringing down stress and giving you more euphoria and equalization into your day.

Mindfulness is a strong method that connects the mind and body; it practices with lower levels of depression and anxiety. Individuals who treat the mind and body as separate entities may have a more careless behavior about health and well-being than those who connect the two.

Experts believe that connecting the mind and body is important for the improvement of physical and mental health


Have enough sleep

Having valuable sleep plays a vital role in the health and well-being of an individual.

Insomnia and other sleep disorder are related to depressive side effects. Try to get into a sound resting schedule and Focus on eight hours of rest for each night.

Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day can help you with your daily schedule. Getting the best possible measure of rest may likewise assist you with feeling more adjusted and empowered consistently throughout your day.


Speak to a Therapist

When you know your situation is beyond control, it’s time to have a rethink and speak to a Doctor or a Therapist for guidance and support.

A Therapist can offer support, direction, examine your problem and help build up a clinical treatment. A few enhancements may be useful when people with depression take them as part of a treatment plan. For instance, St. John’s wort, ginseng, chamomile,omega-3 fatty acids, etc. are some of the medications for an individual suffering from depression.

In conclusion, depression is common and it can transpire. Therefore, If you know someone at immediate risk of self-harm, suicide, or hurting another person, do not worsen the situation by judging and condemning, rather show love to them by words of encouragement, inspirational statements, supports, and counsel.

Remove any weapons, hard medications, or other potentially harmful objects. By doing so, you are saving a life.

Depress patients need love and care, as well as constant checking up.


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