Have you ever wondered, why some mothers choose to deliver their babies through C-Section?

Cesarean section, popularly referred to as “CS” (in some countries) or “C-section” (in other countries), is the surgical delivery of a baby; it involves an incision in the womb.

Cesarean deliveries are sometimes planned early in the pregnancy, but they’re most often performed when complications arise during labor.

A lot of couples choose C-section over normal delivery because of the pain and stress mothers pass through, during natural or normal delivery.


C-section occurs mainly :

  • when the labor is not progressing
  • When there are multiple gestations like twins or triplets
  • The fetus has hydrocephalus or excess fluid on the brain
  • When the fetus is in the breech or transverse position
  • When the baby is too large to travel through the cervix
  • When the mother has complicating conditions like diabetes or Higher blood pressure (HBP)
  • When the mother has a uterine condition or a fibroid obstructing the cervix
  • The placenta or umbilical cord has anomalies
  • When she has previously given birth through C-section



Although, Caesarean delivery has its own cons, in as much as it has its pros; but couples still go ahead to choosing C-section deliveries for a complex range of reasons.


However, the pros have overshadowed the cons, because C-sections are usually very safe. In fact, a lot of mothers and researchers confirmed that it’s the safest way for a baby to come into this world if it’s deemed medically necessary.

C-section has a lot to offer. You don’t have to do a lot of pushing which may eventually result in bloodshot eyes and bruises on your face, It prevents the pelvic wear and tears that result in pain and your baby won’t go through the stress of tight squeezing through the vaginal canal and also, you won’t have urinary incontinence caused by vaginal birth or normal delivery.   Unlike normal delivery, C-section can be planned (or unplanned) base on the day you want your child to be delivered.

Keep in mind that, a C-section is major abdominal surgery, which means you’ll have a longer recovery time and hospital stay. You’ll also be exposing yourself to the risks that surgery entails.

Feel free to share your own perception about C-sections!

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