You’re bored ugh?

It really sucks I know.

Boredom can be annoying and torturing. It makes you think wild and crazy which may likely lead to depression. And you know, being depressed is something you don’t want to get yourself into.

You need something fun to do but you don’t know what to do or have any idea of what to do to ease your boredom.   Something appealing comes to your mind “what should I do”?

Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place. I have put together some ways to help you in your boring life.



1.    Play a Game  

        They’re lots of games to play by yourself and with friends.

  • Computer Game is one of those games and it can be played using your PC or Phone.  You can play the game alone but sometimes it is exciting when you play a Computer game with friends. Computer games like Grant Theft Auto, Soccer, and so on.
  • A board game is another amazing game you can play to ease boredom. They’re many (like ludo, chess, monopoly, etc..) to choose from and most, provide lashings of laughter and fun.
  • Card game (Poker, Solitaire, etc…)  is fun too especially when you see yourself winning. It’s fun to play the card game with family or friends.

2. Watch a Movie      

 This is the one I love doing a lot.  When it comes to movies, I can spend 5hrs of my time seeing my favorite series.   The movie can kill your boredom in 5minutes, all you just have to do is put the right movie. You can start by watching comic movies before switching to the one you love.

3.  Watch Funny YouTube Videos  

    YouTube is where you can visit to watch funny videos if you are bored. Funny videos like crazy cats and cute children and bizarre things caught on camera, you’ll be LOLing for hours. You need little data to be enabled to watch interesting videos of your choice. You can learn new tricks and hacks on how to make something there.

4. Play with Pet     

Have you heard of the popular proverb, “man best friend is a dog”? You can give your full trust to a dog and it will never betray you.     Cat, Dog, Hamster, Parrot … it doesn’t matter what they are, you can have a lot of fun engaging with your favorite animal. Our animal companions need to be looked after, so why not do it when you are otherwise bored?

5.  Try New Hairstyle   

Try new things today. The first trial isn’t a bad idea.    Grab your brush, hair spray, hairdryer, gel, clips, etc., and see if there’s a new style that suits you.

6.   Play a Sport   

Basketball is one of my favorite Sports. Anytime I get bored at home, I walk straight to the court with my kit to kick some ass…Lol.   Engage yourself in one sport or the other. Think of a sport that you feel good doing. Sports like Basketball, Football, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball and so on.

7.    Write    

Write your own story or poem. Many people don’t know how to express themselves orally. So,  why not express yourself by writing it down? I tell you, when you write down those feelings you always have in your note, you’ll definitely feel much better. You can start now by writing your thoughts every day in a jotter, notepad, or notebook. Let your imagination wander and put some words down on paper. You can as well write a love letter even if you don’t have a partner, write one to your best friend or mom.

8.  Learn a Language   

Have you ever thought of learning a new language other than your own native language or first language? Why not use the opportunity to learn a  language online. They’re interesting languages out there, you could pick one and start learning today.

9.    Take online Quizzes   

They are so many subject matters on which to test your trivia knowledge.

10.   Surf    

    You explore by surfing on the internet. Get some pretty cool questions and some pretty weird answers, but it’s mightily entertaining.

11.  Go for a walk     

Taking a walk around your neighborhood isn’t such a bad idea.    Get out of the house and put one foot in front of the other. It does wonders for your body and mind. Make walking a bit more interesting by taking the history of a town or city.

12.  Volunteer     

They are a lot of people out there who need your help and attention.  Dedicate your time to helping the helpless ones by visiting places like old people’s homes,  orphanage homes, and so on. Spend time with them and show you really care for them.

13. Dance to your Favorite Tunes      

Whether you’re a karaoke queen or tone-deaf, it doesn’t matter if it makes you smile.  Put on some upbeat music and bust a move in the comfort of your home.

14. Go to the Gym    

Those beautiful outfits of yours are becoming too tight. They don’t fit anymore. Why not use the opportunity to hit the gym. Go work it out and burn those fats that deprive you of wearing your favorite clothes.

15. Go Swimming

Visit your local pool and put some lengths in. It’s a great all-body workout that’s easy on the joints.

16. Organize your bookshelf

You could do it alphabetically, by genre, by author, or even by the color of the book’s spine.

17.  Do the house chores   

Why not do your house chores now that you are bored so that when you are not bored you won’t do it again?  See also: DAILY HABITS FOR A PRODUCTIVE HEALTHY DAY

18.  Read a book   

It’s so easy to relieve your boredom by engrossing yourself in a good novel, or articles.

19.   Meditate   

Meditation goes a long way in helping you relax and think properly.  It’s the perfect time to practice meditation and you can do it anywhere at any time.

20. Take a Nap and Bath

Time passes really quickly when you’re asleep. Rest and recharge your batteries. You’ll feel so much better after you’ve stretched out all the muscles in your body.    Bathing is another way to relax when you’re bored and have time on your hands. Trust me, anytime you feel bored just take a shower and you’ll definitely feel much alive after a bath.

These are the little secrets on how to kill boredom. It works for me, so you try it!

NB:    Just know it that they are so many ways to ease boredom you can as well try Listening to good music, watching documentaries, watching some old family and friends photos, listening to podcast, make new things like your own soap and cream, invent something and so on…  

Life musings by Nigerian lifestyle and relationship blogger Nuella Igwe focusing on creative entrepreneur, life tips, career, relationship, travel, blogging tips, beauty and skincare.


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