Boosting a child’s intelligence is a crucial thing to do.  But don’t overdo it because you might end up destroying everything you have worked on to make the child intelligent and smart.

Praising a child is basically a good way to boost a child’s intelligence. It passes information to the child, which makes the child feel welcomed and appreciated, but excessive use of praises like -“You are the smartest”,   “You are beautiful”, “You are intelligent”, “You know better than the other kids”, Bla Bla Bla…… can cause harm to your child’s intelligence, behavior, vocabulary, and future achievement.


Parents worry a lot about their child’s intelligence especially when the kids display little or no intelligence.

Every parent wants to have a smart and intelligent kid but they seem to get the way to boost their child’s intelligence wrongly.

The way you talk to your child could either boost their IQ or decrease it, and decreasing your child’s intelligence is something you don’t want at all because it’ll restrict your child from doing certain things including socializing with their peers.

The way to talk to your child should be cautioned and monitored, the reason being that when you praise them, it may get to their head and trigger them into misbehaving and feeling boastful, and when you insult them and compare them to their other peers, it makes them lose their self-esteem and begin to have an inferiority complex.

Thanks to studies, that taught us a better way to educate our kids rather than throwing blame or praises that could affect their mental and physical health.


Here are better ways to boost your child’s intelligence

Sip your cup of coffee or water and let’s ride on…….





Never compare 

Parents that compare their kids to other kids, maybe hampering their academic performance.

Be careful about what you tell your kids. Blaming or comparing your kids can cause more harm than good to your kids’ behavior and mindset.

Parents give up on their kids because they don’t meet up to their expectations like being smart like the other kids, talk like the other kids, and so on.

What you should know is that kids can not think and act the same. Everyone has a different IQ, so do kids.

There are early shiners and there are late bloomers. You can’t force your kids to be who they are not, but constant encouragement and education would improve their intelligence.

Comparing your child with other children is not the best way to teach them into becoming intelligent.

Parents should learn not to blame or compare their kids to other children because it would shatter their intelligence, thereby making them not relating or competing with their other peers and could result in an inferiority complex.

Compliment your kids for their efforts rather than blaming them for not getting it.

Encourage  to Explore

Explore by discovering new things and creating their own stuff from their mind

Rather than throwing blames and insult on your child. Encourage them to do better and also introduce them to current and not-so-familiar (strange) environments so they won’t be left out when they are with their peers.

When they come to you feeling lost and need you to explain what they just discovered or what they were given as an assignment, teach them in a way that they won’t regret bringing the question to you and also doubting their selves.


Don’t send them away because you are busy or you don’t know the answer to the question. Bring them closer, create time and explain the questions to clear their doubt and for them to know of it so that when they come across the same topic, they would be able to defend themselves.

If you don’t have an answer to the question, thanks to the technology that made it somewhat easy for us. Browse the topic and get your answer from there.

Do not leave your child’s questions unanswered, they would end up stressing their minds and becoming more curious (which is not good for a child).

Support your child’s intelligence by providing with opportunities to discover new things, so that the imaginations can grow, take your child places, and as well invent something out of nothing.

Think of an appropriate language to communicate with your child to enable their intelligence to grow responsively.


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Praise the efforts, not the intelligence

A lot of parents get this wrong.

In the process of commending a child’s efforts, they end up praising their intelligence which eventually disrupts their way of thinking, causing harm to both the child and the parent.

There’s a huge difference between a child, praised for his efforts and a child praised for his intelligence.

The child praised for his intelligence, cannot handle failure because they’ve been taught that is either you win or nothing, while the child praised for his efforts, can be resilient and persistent.

Praising a child’s intelligence and smartness is basically praising them for their given genetic endowments rather than for what they are trying to accomplish.

Praises lift the child’s self-esteem high and as well encourage them to do more. But the praises should be monitored because it may change their behavior and may result in the child being irresponsible.

We all know that kids love to be sugarcoated and praised for their efforts, and on the other hand, parents also love to give praises to their kids to boost their confidence.

Focus on the process and not the result when trying to praise your kid.

For instance, your child is helping out in washing the dishes and incidentally broke a plate. Use sentences like “I like how you are trying to help but you should be careful next time”  this way, you are motivating your child into being more careful not just in washing dishes but also to be careful in life.



Acknowledge your child’s efforts and encourage them to continue pushing and making more efforts for a greater outcome.

Boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem by using a warm and nurturing tone to communicate with them.

When you want to engage in a conversation with them, get down to their level and speak to them, with your eyes facing each other.



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