Black Lives Matter everywhere: How we all are affected


The Black Lives Matter movement has been going on for quite some time now. The people in the US and around the globe have been protesting against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people and for justice to be done to their friends and loved ones who had died at the hands of so-called police officers.

About a thousand civilians are killed each year by Law- enforcement officers in the United States.
So many Black people – women and men have been killed by the police, on and off camera, in so many places that the list of names seems never-ending.

The officers don’t care about the victims’ families; they have no idea what they go through when such an act is made.

Their brutality has scraped and shattered the heart of these victims’ loved ones.
The families of these victims have been paid off to keep their mouths close and the ones that rejected the offer, seek justice and the justice is usually turned down.

The police who are supposed to protect the citizen appears to be attacking them and purposely trying to kill them.

The Black runs for their lives both in the country and outside the country.



  “Everyone is affected in one way or the other. Nobody is happy with the situation going on. The whole world seem to be scared and watchful because the police is no longer what they are made for”


Each episode of police brutality has emotional and physiological effects on individuals and communities.
Police killings of innocent lives have adverse effects on the mental health of youths and adults who were not directly affected by the incidents.


People are apprehensive about their future and dismayed by their belief that even if they are successful in life, they could be shot and killed by the police at any moment.

Individuals who have seen and heard of these abuses may start to display symptoms of anxiety, fear, anger, depression and so many illnesses of the mind.

Men, women, and children wake up to another incident of a police killing on the morning news or social media and are expected to go about their daily activities, as though it does not affect them; But the exposure of such videos can be traumatic and can affect well- being over the life course.

Police brutality has made so many individuals jobless, after incarceration, the survivors may have to deal with disabilities resulting from the excessive use of force by the police officers.

The economic production of the community can as well be affected because bereaved take some time away from their respective jobs to grieve, plan and attend funerals and also organize protests.


The world is full of violence and brutality where voices are not heard, where justice is denied.

The police officers live like their above the law; they oppress and kill innocent people, yet they go to court free from their crimes.

In Nigeria for instance, the police officers have a bad reputation for brutality, extortion, and harassment even before the current coronavirus pandemic (they killed more people than the coronavirus itself).

The young ones, who are supposed to become the leaders of tomorrow are being extorted, raped, tortured, and killed by police officers who are members of the Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS).

Everyone is oppressed by the police officers, both young and old are arrested, tortured, and killed for refusing to unlock their phones or suspected to be part of a cybercrime; girls and women are abused, raped, assaulted sexually, and killed by these same officers.

However, the citizens of this African country (Nigeria) started a protest some days back with the logo ‘‘#END SARS’’ for government to intervene and help dissolve this brutality coming from the officers.


The protest in Nigeria and elsewhere are recognition of what Africans went through after the slave trade, colonization, and the extraction of resources.
The black Lives Matter movement has triggered an international clamor toward ending the widespread police brutality, dehumanization, and abuse.


The NBA players and other Athletes decided to take part in the Black Lives Matter protest for citizens to be free from violence and justice to be carried out for those that were brutalized and assaulted by these police officers of the law.
The LA Lakers and LA Sparks join in the movement, to give justice to those that need justice and to end police brutality on the Blacks and Africans.

‘The lives of so many of the men dribbling, jumping, performing feats of athleticism are Black ones, and they matter not just on court’


Government authorities were more likely to intervene in Black Lives Matter protests than in other demonstrations and also more likely to intervene with force like using teargas, rubber bullet, and pepper spray or beating with batons.

The police officers are still highly equipped, roaming on the street freely and untouched; they go about committing the same crime over and over again.

The people have protested and the officers have suppressed them harshly; the same officers that sworn to protect and serve the people.

Would the police officers ever stop? Would they ever get punished for their crimes? Would people ever get justice for their loved ones?

These are questions that roam in our heads and hope to get answers to them someday.



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